A home purchase is one of the largest investments you can make. Why not give yourself the peace of mind knowing you are making the right choice, and will not be burdened with thousands of dollars in unforeseen repair costs. At Systematic Home Inspections, you can always rest assured that your inspection will be performed by a licensed, bonded, and insured home inspector who is AHIT and interNACHI certified.

We are new home owner friendly, and encourage all of our clients to attend the inspection and ask any questions they may have. A typical inspection will last around 3-4 hours depending on the size of the property.

During the inspection we will be evaluating all major components of the property from the foundation to the roof looking for large problems to minor deficiencies.

After the inspection is complete, we will present you with our main concerns on site and a full detailed report within 24 hours. Our reports are easy to read and include pictures, videos, and recommendations on the best course of action to correct the problem.  Click here to view a Sample Report.

We use the latest technology, including thermal imaging. Thermal imaging does not allow us to see through walls, but it can help us locate and identify potential problems that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Problems such as overheating breakers, blocked pipes, hidden water damage, or missing insulation in the wall which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Missing Insulation
Missing Insulation

Our evaluation includes:

  • Roof, Chimney, Flashing, & Valleys
  • Siding, Trim, Windows, & Doors
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Driveways, Patios, Decks, & Porches
  • Landscaping, Grading, & Drainage
  • HVAC Systems
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Walls, Floors, Ceilings
  • Basement, Crawlspace, & Foundation
  • Attic & Ventilation
  • Thermal Imaging Scan
  • And More!